Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vintage inspired idea for earrings

Going through old craft and crochet magazines and leaflets my mom was going to throw away, I found an interesting and cool idea. Just a few days ago, I was brainstorming for ideas. I needed a different design for earrings. I have a customer and she is well...eclectic. I had made earrings made of guitar pics for her once. But, this time she wanted something different. Well, going through these vintage magazines, I found one. The leaflet showed earrings made of crochet circles. My design will be of crochet circles but I will add beads and make them chandelier style. I'm sure my eclectic customer will love them. In fact, I think I will make some for me, too.

Have a blessed day.



  1. Hi Maggie! I wanted to let you know that you are now on the Assembly of God Blogs network! Thanks for joining. I encourage you to visit the network site, and start networking by visiting other A/G Blogs. You can easily access the network site by clicking on the Assembly of God Blogs banner you installed on your blog. Then click on the header, to go to the home page. I was not sure of what state you live in. I usually add new blogs to a location genre at the network. If you wish to be included in this genre too, please let me know which state to add you too. Blessings! ~Sharon~

  2. Hi Maggie! you joined the Blog Train! I would love to see a finished picture of the unique earrings!

    Take CAre, Jen