Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today is a blessed day

Our baby turns 5 years old today. She reminds us that she is no longer a baby yet when she is tired when we are shopping she still extends her arms up at us so we can carry her. What a blessing. I really love my kids and I thank God for them. Although, sometimes it may get hectic and chaotic here, I don't regret being a part of this family. I'm thankful for my family.

I have not been creating pieces of jewelry lately and I feel I'm putting my business down and I feel guilty. I need to buy some pastel colored beads and crystals to start creating Spring inspired jewelry. Need to go to a bead show and get the latest colors and shapes. I want to take a small trip maybe during Spring Break. My kids love San Antonio and I love Austin. My husbands doesn't mind where we go as long we go somewhere.

My daughter wants a party and I think we will celebrate her birthday next week. I will use this special occassion as an inspiration to create a cute girls bracelet, too. I'm looking around to find inspiration because I have been very busy with my family that I feel tired to even create a nice jewelry piece. Okay then I'm gonna create something today, even if its just a pair of earrings. I'll post these pics Monday.

Have a terrific weekend!!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring is almost here and no more hot chocolate

Can you believe it, it's almost spring. I love this season. I love to see when bare trees start showing hints of life as leaves start to emerge and you see bits of green. I love to plant flowering plants around our Oak tree that's in our front yard. I'm thinking of planting some along our driveway this year. We had a freeze a little over a month ago and our South Texas native trees took a beating. They seem to be dead, my husband assures me they are green; thus, they are still good. I'm tired of seeing these "dead" plants. I'm so tempted to go and buy new plants especially flowering plants. But, I'm told just wait a few more weeks. I can't wait!!

But, that means winter is out and although I'm not a fan of cold weather, I love hot chocolate. My very favorite is mexican chocolate called chocolate abuelita. I'm Mexican-American and most Mexican-Americans have tasted chocolate abuelita. It's a roundish dark chocolate something similar to chocolate bar but it's hard. This bar is place inside a deep pot with milk and is boiled. When my grandma made some when I was a kid, she would use a tool called a "molino" and you would place this between both hands and move this spiral looking wooden contraption up and down your hand. Amazingly, this would mix the hot milk and melted chocolate and froth would form. A ladle was used to pour some delicous chocolate abuelita into mugs.

Now, I make some for my kids and they love it. I use a wisk or sometimes I don't make it that boiling hot and pour it into a blender, easier :) The taste is like nothing you have tasted before. It's rich dark chocolate with combination of vanilla and cinnamon is absolutely delicious. It just brings back childhood memories and memories of my grandma, who passed away 20 years ago.

The packaging is unique as well, it has a picture of an old lady. This old lady is actually a famous Mexican actress, Sara Garcia. Although, she has passed away many, many years ago, she is remembered for her famous movies in Mexico for portraying grandma roles. I believe to honor her, the makers of chocolate abuelita uses her picture. Also, I must add that "abuelita" is Spanish for grandma.

Chocolate abuelita has always been sold as a bar. Just yesterday, I found at a local grocery store, chocolate abuelita in granulated chocolate drink mix. It's suppose to be easier to make. I still haven't made some of this new granulated form, and I wonder if it's the same taste. I think I'll make some chocolate abuelita tonight.

I found their website and I checked it out and they are giving a free sample of this granulated form of chocolate abuelita. Check this out, I found some recipes and store locator if you want to purchase some. The website is

Once hot weather starts coming in, I'll have to brew tea to make iced tea or squeeze lemons to make lemonade. But, as long it's winter I'll be make chocolate abuelita and every time I sip some chocolate it'll be in honor to my abuelita.

I hope you enjoyed this.


I'm not getting monetary incentives for mentioning this. This is based on my opinion.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tailor-made or handmade Tuesday

Good Morning! Today it's not sunny like yesterday, we received a cold front and it's gloomy and raining. I really miss sunshine peaking through my window treatments. But, can't complain because today is our very special day, it is Tuesday.

All Etsians are welcomed to leave their link to their Etsy shop here for FREE. I really love doing this and I hope to see new shops. To my readers, come on in and click on these great shops that I'm sure you'll find something great. Comments are welcome. Enjoy!

disclaimer: I don't receive any monetary incentives of any kind, I don't favor one shop over another. This is free simply because I want it to be free with no strings attach.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happpy Monday!

This is indeed a wonderful day our Lord has made. I feel energized, it seems that every Sunday that we go to church, I have recharged my batteries and am able to tackle the new week easier. Last week, I had a cold plus one of my kids was recovering from a bad cold, too. My husband and my oldest son went to church without the rest of us. On that Sunday, I didn't get to "recharge my batteries" and the rest of the week didn't run smoothly. As a Christian, we need to hear God's word. Thank God there's TV and Internet where we can listen and see great preachers and hear God's word. But, that doesn't take the place of being in God's house. For me attending church is like I mentioned above, it's like recharging my batteries. I can take my burdens and leave it at the altar and have God take care of it. It's like a heavy burden being lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I can breathe again, I feel light, I feel energized, I feel like yes, I can do it because Jesus Christ strengthens me, and I can see better because His word is my light.  Regardless, of trials and struggles, I have peace and have faith that He is with me and He will lead me through any fire. If you are going through something, just remember you are not alone, He's with you. If you need prayer, just post it here in my blog and I will pray for you. God Bless.

Have a wonderful and happy Monday, many blessings

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tailor-made or handmade Tuesday

Wow! It's Tuesday and I promised myself that in 2010 I was going to blog more and I haven't. I have been busy with family. There has been doctor appointments, bake sales, parties to attend, practices, plus house work. That had me so, so busy. Oh, my! I have even consider, maybe, hiring a helper. But I remember I  can't afford that right now so I just have to tough it out. Lord, help me.

Ok, this is our special day here at my blog for all Etsy sellers. I know sales have decreased so some of us and some of us cannot afford advertisement. I just wanted to be of help because it also helps me. Every Tuesday all Etsy shop owners are welcomed to add link to their Etsy shop here, in my blog. The best part is that it is totally FREE!! We get to expose our shops and who doesn't need exposure. All you do is check us out every Tuesday and add your link. Tell friends, too. I'm thinking of adding etsy mini's here, too. I'll contact some of you so you can email me the htlml.

For our readers, please go through each link that I'm sure you will find something fabulous.


Blessings to all

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tailor-made or handmade Tuesday

I just love Tuesday's because I teach a class in church for preschoolers in the evening and because today is our special day. It is special because Etsy shop owners are welcomed to put a link to their shop here on my blog. The best part is that it is for FREE. Who doesn't love FREE. We all need exposure and I just thought this may be helpful for our shops. Readers check these Etsy shops and post comments, we love comments. I hope to see your shop listed here. Enjoy:


Disclaimer: You add your link for free, I don't get paid nor I get in return favors or items, nothing like it.  I do this because I want to with no hidden agendas.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tailor-made or handmade Tuesday

What a great day. Today is our special day-Tuesday, and, today we welcome all etsy shop owners to add their link to their shop here for free. Please feel free to click on each link and I'm sure you'll find something wonderful. We do have very talented people running these shops. For those that are new to this: On Tuesday's Etsy shops are welcomed to add their link to their shops for free. You just click on the add your link text and that'll take you to another page. In that page, you add your link and submit it. Then click on the text that says take me back to blog and there you will see our blog and your link already listed. It's so easy. I do get many Etsy shops saying they can't add link. Well, if it's not Tuesday, you can't add link. The list is set to add links on Tuesdays only. So, write that day down on your planner as a reminder that on that day you add your link to this blog. I hope this helps clear some confussion. And enjoy:

Disclaimer:  This blog doesn't get any monetary incentives nor do we get free products. We don't favor one Etsy shop over another. Everyone is treated here the same- with respect. All Etsy shops are welcomed to add their link for free. Just keep in mind we are a family-friendly blog.


Monday, February 1, 2010

First Monday Sale with Etsy Texas Crafters (ETC)

Hello, I'm a member of the Etsy Texas Crafters (ETC) and we are having a first Monday sale. This goes on every 1st Monday of the the month. Check out our fellow members and you will find something you may want to get. Post here any comments on which item you liked, too.

Check ETC at there's 57 shops having specials offers and sales.

Thanks and many blessings