Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tailor-made or handmade Tuesday

What a great day. Today is our special day-Tuesday, and, today we welcome all etsy shop owners to add their link to their shop here for free. Please feel free to click on each link and I'm sure you'll find something wonderful. We do have very talented people running these shops. For those that are new to this: On Tuesday's Etsy shops are welcomed to add their link to their shops for free. You just click on the add your link text and that'll take you to another page. In that page, you add your link and submit it. Then click on the text that says take me back to blog and there you will see our blog and your link already listed. It's so easy. I do get many Etsy shops saying they can't add link. Well, if it's not Tuesday, you can't add link. The list is set to add links on Tuesdays only. So, write that day down on your planner as a reminder that on that day you add your link to this blog. I hope this helps clear some confussion. And enjoy:

Disclaimer:  This blog doesn't get any monetary incentives nor do we get free products. We don't favor one Etsy shop over another. Everyone is treated here the same- with respect. All Etsy shops are welcomed to add their link for free. Just keep in mind we are a family-friendly blog.


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