Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring is almost here and no more hot chocolate

Can you believe it, it's almost spring. I love this season. I love to see when bare trees start showing hints of life as leaves start to emerge and you see bits of green. I love to plant flowering plants around our Oak tree that's in our front yard. I'm thinking of planting some along our driveway this year. We had a freeze a little over a month ago and our South Texas native trees took a beating. They seem to be dead, my husband assures me they are green; thus, they are still good. I'm tired of seeing these "dead" plants. I'm so tempted to go and buy new plants especially flowering plants. But, I'm told just wait a few more weeks. I can't wait!!

But, that means winter is out and although I'm not a fan of cold weather, I love hot chocolate. My very favorite is mexican chocolate called chocolate abuelita. I'm Mexican-American and most Mexican-Americans have tasted chocolate abuelita. It's a roundish dark chocolate something similar to chocolate bar but it's hard. This bar is place inside a deep pot with milk and is boiled. When my grandma made some when I was a kid, she would use a tool called a "molino" and you would place this between both hands and move this spiral looking wooden contraption up and down your hand. Amazingly, this would mix the hot milk and melted chocolate and froth would form. A ladle was used to pour some delicous chocolate abuelita into mugs.

Now, I make some for my kids and they love it. I use a wisk or sometimes I don't make it that boiling hot and pour it into a blender, easier :) The taste is like nothing you have tasted before. It's rich dark chocolate with combination of vanilla and cinnamon is absolutely delicious. It just brings back childhood memories and memories of my grandma, who passed away 20 years ago.

The packaging is unique as well, it has a picture of an old lady. This old lady is actually a famous Mexican actress, Sara Garcia. Although, she has passed away many, many years ago, she is remembered for her famous movies in Mexico for portraying grandma roles. I believe to honor her, the makers of chocolate abuelita uses her picture. Also, I must add that "abuelita" is Spanish for grandma.

Chocolate abuelita has always been sold as a bar. Just yesterday, I found at a local grocery store, chocolate abuelita in granulated chocolate drink mix. It's suppose to be easier to make. I still haven't made some of this new granulated form, and I wonder if it's the same taste. I think I'll make some chocolate abuelita tonight.

I found their website and I checked it out and they are giving a free sample of this granulated form of chocolate abuelita. Check this out, I found some recipes and store locator if you want to purchase some. The website is

Once hot weather starts coming in, I'll have to brew tea to make iced tea or squeeze lemons to make lemonade. But, as long it's winter I'll be make chocolate abuelita and every time I sip some chocolate it'll be in honor to my abuelita.

I hope you enjoyed this.


I'm not getting monetary incentives for mentioning this. This is based on my opinion.

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  1. I am a hot chocolate fanatic (and Etsymom) thanks for the chocolate tip - (now I'll have to see if I can find someone to ship to Canada!)