Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabulous Friday

I hope you have a happy Friday and great weekend. I had sick kids this week and they are better. Thanks to those who wished them a fast recovery, I appreciate that. Now, I'm so behind and there's pictures I need to take and posts that need to be posted. A couple of days ago, I was not feeling well either, I think it was just stress related.

 As a mother, and I know I have mom readers, we just get stressed when our children are sick. We feel like no one else can take care of our babies like we do. But, at the end we are so and I mean so burned out. I have struggled with accepting my husband's help when the kiddos are sick. I have learned and it has taken time to realize that I can't do it on my own. My human nature or motherly nature takes over and I feel like I can do it all. These are the times I have bump into walls and gulping down my pride I realize and it's hard to accept that I am wrong.

Whew! That's a load off my chest. I'm not a perfect person but I seek God and His will in my life. That's what keeps me sane, bringing my load to Him. Seeking His help was hard when I was young. I just thought I didn't deserve it. But, after so many trials, storms and tribulations, I've learned our God still loves us with all our defects. When we bring our "load" to him we feel better and He gives us a peace that surpasses all understand. After I seek Him, I feel better, my headaches and heartaches all go away. What a mighty God we have. Let's not forget that. :)

This week I hardly had any time to create something cute. Yesterday, I found two blush pink glass briolettes which I'm already brainstorming what I'll do with them. I'll post a pic and list my creation in my Etsy shop. I'm thinking Quincenera earrings. Well, have a fabulous Friday and weekend, too. Your comments are welcomed, and God Bless.

many blessings,


Don't be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:4

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tailor-made or handmade Tuesday

Today is our special day. I welcome etsy shops to add their link to their shop here on my blog for FREE. Visitors, please take a moment and visit these shops that I'm sure you'll find something unique. Today, I'm feeling a bit under the weather, please keep me in prayer. I also want to thank the etsy shops that have added their link. Enjoy:

Disclaimer: I don't get anything in return by letting these shops add their link here. I don't favor one shop over another either.

Many Blessings

Monday, January 25, 2010

Our help comes from.....

Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 122:8

It's Monday and I feel rested. Although, I had 2 sick kids, I was home all weekend and we rested. My poor daughter had a horrible constant cough and threw up a few times. She's our baby and she knows it that when she gets sick she wants to be carried. Our Meaghan is 4 years old! My husband patiently carries her around the house. Today, she had to stay home because she needs to see her doctor. Well, I called our doctor and she wasn't going to be in today. The good thing is that my daughter has no fever, but, she feels a bit weak and doesn't want to eat much. My oldest was sick, too, but he felt better today and he didn't want to miss class. We have four children. My other two children were bored because they didn't know what to do. My husband took them outside to help him with the yard work while I stayed inside with 2 sick kiddos.

I looked at them from the kitchen's window they were running and they were having a great time helping Daddy. I just thanked the Lord for my family. Because although we get sick sometimes of the common cold or other common ailments, I still have a healthy family. One of our kids suffered from asthma and very bad allergies. Just going outside would sometimes trigger an asthma attack. But yesterday, he was outside running and helping and laughing, that brought tears to my eyes because he is better. Lord, I'm thankful for that and many other things You have given. That's how wonderful our God is. He heals us from diseases, from physical pain, from emotional pain, from all types of pain. Even something that seems impossible to doctors, for God, there's no impossible. That's why we should  "cast all our anxiety on Him because he cares for us" and He will take care of us, too. Because I know where my help comes from, I always will come to You. That's why He deserves all worship and praise and all honor and all glory. Thank you, Jesus!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tailor-made or handmade Tuesday

Hello, this is our special day of the week. Every Tuesday Etsy shop owners are welcomed to add their link to their shops here on my blog. Take the time and go into each shop, I'm sure you'll find something awesome.  Also, you're welcome to leave comments on your favorite items you found inside these shops. Enjoy and have a blessed day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday!!

Hi, I was working on a couple of angel earrings in red just in time for Valentine's Day and other earrings designs. I will be adding them to my etsy shop tomorrow. Also, I just want to remind you that tomorrow is Tuesday Tailor-made or handmade where you are allowed to post a link to your etsy shop. I've been wondering what cool title I can use for our Tuesdays. I was told Tueday Tailor-made was neat, but others say it's not catchy enough. So, how about you guys suggest what we should name our Tuesday's. Again, for those who have missed it, on Tuesdays I let etsy shop owners add their link to their etsy shop for free. This is every Tuesday. Last week, I was sick and didn't get to do it, but that won't happen again, sick or not, I will post. If you own an etsy shop or know someone who owns an etsy shop, let them know. Plus, every 1st Saturday of the month I let other mommy shops to add links, too. Whew!! That's so much, but I do it because we all need exposure to our shops and why not for free!!

Speaking of free I found this neat weekly planner with a to-do list which I found on Wished I had found it sooner.



Disclosure: I don't get anything for allowing you guys to add you link here in my blog. Nor do I favor someone over another, nothing like that. This is just simple, add link to your shop for free. Of course, do remember this is a Christian family-friendly blog. If I see a someone adding a link to something totally the opposite of what we have here, I will remove it. But, thank God, I haven't had any problems and I am believing we won't.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am currently working on a list that I want to share with you. This list is of cool gifts that I found on etsy. Now, I have friends that don't have an etsy shop but a regular online shop and I want to make another list of those shops, too. Today, I'm working and sending out emails to those friends that might be interested so they can send me a pic of that cool gift found in their shop. I'm looking for more mommies. I'm only asking for you to post a comment that you are interested and with a link to your site so I can check it out. I will then pick one item that I find to be cool in your shop and we will go from there. Next month, I will be sharing those cool gifts here in my blog.

If you know someone who might be interested in being featured in my blog, let them know and again I just ask for comments here about your interest.

Thank so much and have a blessed rest of the week.


Monday, January 11, 2010

What's new in shop

I've been working and I hope you enjoy these couple of earrings I made.  There are two pairs made with lampworked beads. I would love to learn how to make lampwork beads, by the way. I got these beads from a local bead shop and they are lovely.  Also, I've included a pair of red earrings because Valentine's Day is approaching us. They are made with Czech beads and they are cute, too. Everyone needs a pair of black earrings and clear white earrings. These colors are neutral and go with most outfits. I want to mention that I've added a $3.25 section in my etsy shop where you'll find earrings for low as $3.25. Plus, you'll see that I'm offering FREE shipping, what a deal. Check my etsy shop for more items.

Yummy red earrings link :

Have a blessed day and week.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Business Goals for 2010

I have joined a great group named Moms United in Business and Jenn has great ideas. One of our assignments was to write down our business goals for 2010. She listed her business goals and her weakness in running her business in 2009. My weaknesses were similar to hers. It was an eye opener.

Last year I was all over the place, trying to do so much for the business, I also didn't have sense of direction, I didn't know what to do. I would read advice columns from one blog and jump to another. My biggest was lack of organization. When it came to business I lacked it totally. Boy, it was hard to accept it; but, it is true.

I have learned in these few days of the new year that I need to seek His will before doing anything. I wasn't doing that. Yes, I am a Christian, I go to church, I pray; but, I was not going to Him when it came to the business. How silly was that. I felt so bad once I recognized what I was doing, or in my case wasn't doing. I do love my Lord and He deserves more than I was giving. I have felt that the Holy Spirit showed me my weaknesses. After seeing that I have changed things, now, I'm trying to be organized and have posted my to do lists for the business and my business goals for 2010 in my "studio". I feel this will give my sense of direction. I have read Jenn's advice and have decided to learn from her (I do need a business mentor).

I am seeking His will, I've learned about my weaknesses and this helped me write down my business goals for this new year. Whew! It took time to realize what I was doing wrong but thanks and praises to the Lord for showing me. What are you weaknesses? Finding out what they are will defenitely help you write down your business goals. Because this year will be the best year ever.

Many Blessings,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

He loves us

Before I show you a cute pair of earrings I made last night. I have been praying and asking the Holy Spirit to guide me and this just came to me while praying and while listening to this neat song. I want to share this with my friends and I know many of us are going through some trials and storms and tribulations reason why I'm sharing this.

While praying I had the radio on to a Christian station and a song by David and the Crowder Band was on. I had heard that song before but while praying it made me realize something.

This song mentions about how He loves us, how we are a tree and He is a hurricane. That just brings tears to my eyes because I realize something that's true. He takes us through these trials and tribulations and storms in life to strengthen us. He is a hurricane that bends us to make us strong so we may not break. Every trials is difficult than the one before. He doesn't give us what we can't handle. He knows us and knows what's ahead. Sometimes I forget and try to solve problems myself, my way and I just bump into walls. Then I realize my human nature and repent and go the Lord for His guidance. Yes, I'm a tree that needs those strong winds to form strong branches that won't break when trials and storms come. I want to be in peace that surpasses all understanding and know that He is here with me and that the fire might be close but He won't let it burn me. I know he's got plans to prosper me and not hurt me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And how can we get there if it's not by having our branches bent here and there. Sometimes it's hard to understand why we go through those trials but He love us so much that He let it happen for a reason. "How he loves us..." Lord, you are wonderful and a loving God.


P.S. This is a cute pair of earrings I have for sale at my etsy shop

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Tailor-made

Handcrafted or handmade..are what these wonderful shops do and sell in their Etsy shops. Making an item takes hard work, imagination, and so much more. There's also shops that sell unique materials and vintage items that are also equally beautiful. Take a moment and click on these shops and see what wonderful items you can find.

Enjoy and Blessings

Monday, January 4, 2010

In my studio

I'm trying to find a spot in my house to make it my own, my own studio. It's difficult when every corner has been invaded with storage bins stuffed with kids toys. I've been looking at one particular corner for sometime now but it's on the way to the laundry room and it's at a corner of our dining room. However, I think I'll just use this computer armoire and convert it into my "studio". We are in a tight budget and building an extra room, which would be fabulous if we did, is out of the question. My old armoire is located in that corner that I mentioned above, on the way to the laundry room in our dining room. This particular corner is actually my corner of shame. That poor armoire is a catch all, and it is stuffed with so many things that I won't be surprised to find my lost favorite pair of earrings in that pile.

Well, today is the day I'm going to tackle that corner and make it my own. This is a picture of that corner and you'll realize why it's my corner of shame. Anyways, I'm gonna clean this pretty and I'll post an after picture of my "studio/armoire". My kids are still off on vacation and running inside our home. So, I'm sure it'll take me most of the day to get this cleaned and organized with my beading supplies.

Also, just gotta mention this, I have FREE SHIPPING on all my items in my Etsy shop, check it out and tell me what you think.