Wednesday, January 6, 2010

He loves us

Before I show you a cute pair of earrings I made last night. I have been praying and asking the Holy Spirit to guide me and this just came to me while praying and while listening to this neat song. I want to share this with my friends and I know many of us are going through some trials and storms and tribulations reason why I'm sharing this.

While praying I had the radio on to a Christian station and a song by David and the Crowder Band was on. I had heard that song before but while praying it made me realize something.

This song mentions about how He loves us, how we are a tree and He is a hurricane. That just brings tears to my eyes because I realize something that's true. He takes us through these trials and tribulations and storms in life to strengthen us. He is a hurricane that bends us to make us strong so we may not break. Every trials is difficult than the one before. He doesn't give us what we can't handle. He knows us and knows what's ahead. Sometimes I forget and try to solve problems myself, my way and I just bump into walls. Then I realize my human nature and repent and go the Lord for His guidance. Yes, I'm a tree that needs those strong winds to form strong branches that won't break when trials and storms come. I want to be in peace that surpasses all understanding and know that He is here with me and that the fire might be close but He won't let it burn me. I know he's got plans to prosper me and not hurt me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And how can we get there if it's not by having our branches bent here and there. Sometimes it's hard to understand why we go through those trials but He love us so much that He let it happen for a reason. "How he loves us..." Lord, you are wonderful and a loving God.


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