Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday!!

Hi, I was working on a couple of angel earrings in red just in time for Valentine's Day and other earrings designs. I will be adding them to my etsy shop tomorrow. Also, I just want to remind you that tomorrow is Tuesday Tailor-made or handmade where you are allowed to post a link to your etsy shop. I've been wondering what cool title I can use for our Tuesdays. I was told Tueday Tailor-made was neat, but others say it's not catchy enough. So, how about you guys suggest what we should name our Tuesday's. Again, for those who have missed it, on Tuesdays I let etsy shop owners add their link to their etsy shop for free. This is every Tuesday. Last week, I was sick and didn't get to do it, but that won't happen again, sick or not, I will post. If you own an etsy shop or know someone who owns an etsy shop, let them know. Plus, every 1st Saturday of the month I let other mommy shops to add links, too. Whew!! That's so much, but I do it because we all need exposure to our shops and why not for free!!

Speaking of free I found this neat weekly planner with a to-do list which I found on Wished I had found it sooner.



Disclosure: I don't get anything for allowing you guys to add you link here in my blog. Nor do I favor someone over another, nothing like that. This is just simple, add link to your shop for free. Of course, do remember this is a Christian family-friendly blog. If I see a someone adding a link to something totally the opposite of what we have here, I will remove it. But, thank God, I haven't had any problems and I am believing we won't.

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