Monday, January 4, 2010

In my studio

I'm trying to find a spot in my house to make it my own, my own studio. It's difficult when every corner has been invaded with storage bins stuffed with kids toys. I've been looking at one particular corner for sometime now but it's on the way to the laundry room and it's at a corner of our dining room. However, I think I'll just use this computer armoire and convert it into my "studio". We are in a tight budget and building an extra room, which would be fabulous if we did, is out of the question. My old armoire is located in that corner that I mentioned above, on the way to the laundry room in our dining room. This particular corner is actually my corner of shame. That poor armoire is a catch all, and it is stuffed with so many things that I won't be surprised to find my lost favorite pair of earrings in that pile.

Well, today is the day I'm going to tackle that corner and make it my own. This is a picture of that corner and you'll realize why it's my corner of shame. Anyways, I'm gonna clean this pretty and I'll post an after picture of my "studio/armoire". My kids are still off on vacation and running inside our home. So, I'm sure it'll take me most of the day to get this cleaned and organized with my beading supplies.

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