Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whew! What a week but in the Valley I grow

My goodness, God is good. Last weekend I just heard all these preachings from my pastor and on TV about having faith regardless of the circumstances. I just nodded and I agreed and rejoiced, boy, I thought, what a message! On Tuesday, before going to pick up my kids from school, I was hearing another preaching and the pastor mentioned how within an hour things can change so dramatically. He gave examples of people he knew. I just thought- that is hard to go through. Later after picking up the kids, I was driving and, somehow it's always on Tuesdays, within an hour of hearing that preaching my husband called me. He said that he was fired. Boy, did my world turned upside down that day. It was unfair and HR made some decisions which I think was unfair and I don't think was right. I don't say this because it was my husband that got fired, I'm fair. My thoughts after hearing he was fired went wild. I just thought how are we going to pay our mortgage and bills. But, especially the mortgage.

Then I remembered all these messages that I've been hearing those couple of days. I'm human and I do sometimes feel scared. But, my husband and I still rejoice in the Lord. I know God has plans to prosper us and not hurt us. I know He is with us and will carry us through this. I have faith in a mighty God. I've been seeking His will and this is hard, but I know He has something in store for us. I feel peace but there are times I feel nervous which is normal, after all this just happened a few days ago. I have faith and know that God can change everything in matter of seconds but I know that through trials we learn and our faith increases. This reminds me of a poem I want to share with you. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I just have one request from you and I ask you my friends to keep us in prayer. God Bless

In the Valley I grow

Sometimes life seems
hard to bear,
full of sorrow, trouble and
It's then I have to remember
that it's in the valley I grow.
If I always stayed on the mountain top,
and never experienced pain,
I would never appreciate
God's love
and would be living in vain
I have so much to learn
and my growth is very slow.
Sometimes I need the
mountain tops
but it's in the valley I grow.
My little valleys are nothing
when I picture Christ on the
He went through the
valley of death.
His victory was Satan's loss.
Thank you for valleys, Lord.
For this one thing I know.
The mountain tops are
but it's in the valleys
I grow.

Author Unknown


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