Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tailor-made or handmade Tuesday

Today is the day we have a list of interesting Etsy shops listed on my blog. Check these shops out, I promise each have unique and cute items. I usually have this list opened and Etsy shop owners drop by and add their shop's link. But, today we are having a giveaway!

To my readers check out these shops and post here your favorite item including shop's name.
Let's say you love, for example, blue earrings and they're from shop A, mention that you love blue earrings by shop A. I think you get what I mean. I will have a raffle on Friday and use the names that posted comments and winner will get a free pair of earrings. One comment posted will earn you 1 chance to win these wonderful pair of earrings. If you tweet this, you will earn 2 chances to go into the drawing and each RT will earn 1 more chance. If you post this on your facebook, (send me the link), I'll give you 2 more chances to go into the drawing. Which means if you post comment here, tweet it and RT it and post on facebook, it gives you 6 chances to win. I'll search for RTs and each one gives you 1 more chance. These pair of earrings are made of rose quartz and in sterling silver. Tell your friends, too. Here are the shops, enjoy:

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